Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ALSO ALSO..hang on

I also plan to blog other more thoughtful and insightful things than just food, and food healing my body! promise!! I want to go deep...where it's painful and real :) I promise that I will not be talking food all day...absolutely!

Day 5-

Day 5 on the Beauty Detox solution, and I'm down 2 lbs and feeling good :) My skin looks healthy, I am glowing, honestly! I don't know about you, but food heals folks. It really does. I'm loving this journey! Tonight I told myself I was going to workout to Turbofire from a chair, I'll let you know how that goes!

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm back!

Well hello there old friend! I have been absent, and by absent I mean living life. This blog was always just a fun thing, and never really a must do thing. I'm glad I had my priorities straight back then! I've come back though to document a bit of life right NOW, because, well, I'm going through some issues with my knees and want to document the things I'm doing to heal up, from the inside out!

I am joining up with an online community through Kimberly Snyder, CN and much more. She is an incredible advocate for detox and whole food cleansing! I have been a fan of hers for years and have implemented some of her food thoughts and plans in my own life...seeing amazing results. This time though, I'm looking for some healing! I did something major to my knees, and although I'm not sure what the official diagnosis is at this point, it hurts, and it's not getting better. I'm doing a cleanse, detox, whole food regime to get my body back in order....and this is my journey!

Welcome old and new :) Let's get to know one another !!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Frock Friday!


I'm laughing at myself, and my crazy, wacked out ideas!
Anywho! I haven't always been interested in clothes, fashion, trends or makeup...never really gave it two thoughts in highschool. But since being married, and having kids, I've started to really take an interest, and have been noticing and loving trends and certain crazy things that come into fashion(ie: TRIBAL! ) lol! Love it!

So I decided, since I'm so interested, and like to dress nicely on most occasions, I thought I would weasel in a couple fashion and makeup posts. OK, so I totally am NOT the greatest at makeup, but I'm learning, and have been watching a few tutorials here and there. But I do love fashion and thought I would share some of the things in my closet and how I am wearing them! I've decided to call it Frock Friday. Weird or awesome? What say you!?

Anyway, here is what I am wearing today!
 The top is from an online boutique called ForeverStyle- you can find them on Facebook, and their things are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and always reasonable! The shorts are Joe(Superstore!!) brand, in a nice girly pink. The bangles are from Forever 21. Shoes are Old Navy, and my go to sandals this summer! Love them!
Here's another shot, this one taken by Ross! What a talent, eh!? I love this light and summer outfit, dressy enough, yet totally casual too :) I hope you enjoyed my Frock Friday and stay tuned for more to come :)