Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOOH what's to COME!

Looky looky!! I just love these upcoming hats :) I can't wait to get them listed in my shop.

I can't list them just yet because I am in the middle of trying a new yarn for a pattern that calls for a thicker yarn. Gauge or better known as tension, has a lot to do with the proper fitting of hats. Because I am using a smaller yarn weight, I need to make sure that the hats fit properly(because the pattern was written for a heavier weighted yarn) hence, why it's taking me some time to get them ' out there'.

Anyway, all that to say, ENJOY! Hope you like them as much as I do :)
Check out the models, simply delishus, no??

This was a gift I made for my friend Adam, hope it fits his iPhone!


Laura Craig said...

Girl, you are just WAY too crafty!!!! I wish I could really sit down and learn to do this stuff. I just have no patience for it. My mom has tried to teach me a few different times. I think I will just stick to photography and editing!!! haha!!!! LOVE the hats!!! I am in love with the owl one! I will be purchasing that one soon!!!!

Krista said...

I am SO in love with those hats. :) I too love the owl hats. :) <3 SO cute!! Awesome job girlie!

Katie said...

OMG the owl hat is adorable!!!! You are super-talented and I wish every little one I saw wore one :) too cute!