Thursday, October 7, 2010


More adult ladies hats?!

The Lois Beanie for sale in my shop now!

How about adorable baby and kid hats with ears?!

So Adorable!!!

What would you like to see in my shop!?
Have you been looking for something special for your kiddos?!?
How about a unique shower gift for a newborn baby!?
Some new winter/fall hats for yourself?!

What do you LOVE that's in my shop?! I need to know what's gonna last, and what has to go :)

Easy as pie!? Yuppers!!
All you gotta do is leave a comment here telling me what you love and what you'd like to see more of, and also write up a little post about my shop on your blog, and leave a link here for me to see!!


What's to win!?!
Let me tell you!
1). A $25 gift card to Melon and Pebble(custom orders included)
2). A lovely piece of jewelry from Jewllori(my other Etsy shop which is currently closed)

Wanna chance to win that?!!?
I thought so.

Contest runs from now until Oct. 14th!
Enter now to win :D



Addy said...

I'm IN! :D Be right back with link!

Addy said...

Okay, link here:

I've written what I love in my post, and I'd love to see more beanies/hats for adult ladies (since I can't wear kids' ones and I don't HAVE kids, haha!).

Woot! :D

Mari Bryant- Marks said...

Oh for sure I'm in! I've been loving your hats for a while for kids and love, love, that you are making them for adults too! And oh my gosh that fox hat is beyond adorable.