Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all because of her...

When I think back to just one year ago- I remember my feelings so vividly, so real, like it was just yesterday. And it does seem like it was just yesterday. I was hugely pregnant with baby number three...a mystery, an unknown. Not sure what he/she would be, what they would be like, what the whole mommy to three would be like. It was an intense time as Wayne was working on teaching our School classes here, and I was at home most days with the boys. It was hard, it was fun, it was magical. Then she arrived. Her. That beautiful little being we named Cali Joy, and my

I just adore this little girl, so much. Her name means 'Most Beautiful' and no truer could a name be, than that one. Her spirit is beautiful, her mind is beautiful, her little being is just beautiful! I can't get enough of her. My Cali 'Most Beautiful' JOY!

I started crocheting because of her, because I needed my girlie, to be, well girly :) And it hasn't waned, I just love it. I love making her cute new headbands and hats, little slippers, and sweaters. It's fun and frivolous , because she grows so darned fast! But I love it, and she's the reason it all began.

Here are a few stats about my little lady!

- She's tall! Seriously tall, not sure how tall, but definitely as tall as Ross was at this age, and he's a tall boy now!
-She's her how to do it once, and she's got it figured. Even if it keeps her up all nap time cause she's amazed she's mastered it :)
-She's soooooo gooooood! Oh my word, best baby ever. Sleeps through the night(most nights), plays so good by herself, and is adored and adores her big brothers.
-She drinks from a sippy cup and feeds herself.
-She has 6 teeth, and counting
-She's just about mastered walking, but she, along with her bestie, is lazy. She just won't try on her own, and I have to really get her going. She took a few steps between Ross and I the other day.
-She says a handful of words already, and to me, that's just insane. Ross and Evan didn't speak A WORD until they were well over a year. She says, Mama, Dada, Uh oh, ba(for ball) , and hi! She signs more and all done like a pro.
-She was my longest breast fed baby!!!! YAHOO! Went till 8.5 months till this milk cow dried up. Was like that for all my babies but we went the longest sans drugs :)
-She's a momma's girl. Loves momma. Wants momma. Won't have anything other. I love that.

And theres so much more....she's just a fountain of joy for me. I sneak into her bedroom to tuck her in before I hit the hay, and I pick her up and just gaze on her. She means so much to me, and brings so much love to my life, I can't even believe it. I can't even BELIEVE she'll be one in a month either. Time is flying. I can't let it go by without me relishing in every moment. Love my chickadee!!!

At just about 11 months! She has curly curly hair right after bathtime, but once it's been a few days it goes straight again.
My little Model :)

And it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't post some NEW GOODIES in my shop!
This hat is GORGEOUS! Seriously, in love. with it all. ahhaha!
This is the Cathy Hat- adult ladies. Made in olive green with a coordinating cream colored flower and coral flower clip!

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Katie said...

She is precious!!! I can imagine it would be fun to have a little girl to spoil after having some handsome boys :) so different and fun!

Addy said...

You're so blessed to have her, and she's so blessed to have you. I can only wish all moms are like you, including my own.

Caitlin said...

Love this. :)