Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter warmth...

It's been snowing. And I mean SNOWING here, like tons. Dumping, heaping, piling, drifting. Needless to say we've been homebound some afternoons, and it's been nice! The kids and I both have enjoyed it, and we haven't drove eachother completely insane while doing it :)

And while it's been snowing, I've been keeping busy finishing up some custom orders, and making some new apparel. Cute. I think. Let's see what you think!!

For ladies- Roaring 30's flapper style cloche!
I have a bow to attach to it, but haven't listed it quite yet, need better pics!

The Tara Headwrap! Super cute, and warm! Keeps your hair in place too, without smooshing it like a hat would.
Another pic of the cloche brim hat.
And one more of the headwrap!

Lots of ideas for ladies, I was hoping that in the New Year I would bring out more ladies items, and I have!! Yay me :)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
Purchase them HERE!!!

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