Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Specs Appeal and Contests

So someone here got new specs....
And she's diggin them.

They're D&G frames that I got off ebay for UBER cheap, and then got my new prescription put into them.
I'm surprised I took the plunge and actually bought something like eyeglass frames off ebay. Like, I'm waaaay more picky than ebay, but I did! I found some great ones I thought I liked the look of, purchased them, and when they arrived I was so happy they 'looked' good on!!!

I *HEART* this pic of Cali and daddy...oh my goodness.
Just love it.
She loves her daddy now.....alot. She never really 'wanted' daddy, but now she cries everytime he passes her and doesn't pick her up for a snuggle. It's adorable. But seriously. Mommy is a little put out. I loved being the one and only! haha!

Lady Killer right here.
He's seriously charming, encouraging, and good looking!
The other day I must have been mumbling about feeling fat to myself, because this little lovebug says to me ' Momma, you're not fat. You're straight(meaning thin!) LOVE him :)
Thanks for being my personal cheering squad Ross, you are Awesome!
BTW, this guy is going to be 5 next month!!!!! What on earth? Since when did I have a 5 year old?!!?

And this little presh, melt a momma's heart.
She's so sweet, and so good, and so snuggly :)
She's saying oodles of words now, loves her bath times with mom, loves her brothers unconditionally, generous with her open mouthed kisses(a little bit wet might I add), and just an all around girl. Sweetest pumpkin ever.
This one too will be 1 next month! My baby!!!!

And I can't get enough of this little man.
He's too cute for words. He loves his family. He kisses/hugs me all.the.time.
And I don't even have to ask! He's so beautiful inside and out, and makes our family so happy! He's funny, he's exuberant, he's the bear, as we call him. Snuggly, warm hearted, and precious.


And for FUN- cause we all like a little fun once in awhile right!?
For a $15 gift card to Jewllori(currently closed cause I'm making up FANTASTIC things as we speak...err get what I mean)
Take a look at this pic...
What do you see!?
A messy dresser!? YES! That would be my messy dresser.
But what I noticed when I took the pic was, brands. Brand names.
Can you spot 5?
SPOT 5 brand names, List them in a comment here with your email addy, and your name will be entered into a draw to win a gift certificate to Jewllori!

Wanna see some of my past work?
Here's just a snippet...

So go ahead! Brand me! See if I care!

Have fun :D


Rhonda said...

The specs are great!! I think I might need them to see the pic..the only brands I can see is: the Nikon lens cap :( Bigger picture please :)

the girl said...

I made it bigger, but some of them are going to be tricky on purpose, so you'll really have to hunt(meaning you won't see brand NAMES per say, but you'll see logos, and maybe shapes that will give you clues as to what they are!!!)

Rhonda said...

Okay...I will try again, thanks for making it bigger :)
Now I see a Nikon lense, Claires Cosmetics case and a Vtech phone...I am thinking the perfume may be Estee Lauder.
Will you accept 4?? hehe

Cant help a girl for trying....I really want one of your hats :)

Krista said...

Looking Good Momma!!! And how sweet are your boys for loving momma so good. :) Nothing like a compliment from your little man to get your through your day! And your sweet little princess... aw, I can't believe she'll be 1!!! We found each other on blog spot when you were still pregnant with that little angel!!! That's so crazy. Kids need to stop growing and just stay our sweet little ones for ever! :)

I would give it a try, but I'm no good at logos, I can see the Nikon, vtech, Claire's... maybe a tube from bath and body? Can't really tell... but I'm no good with the perfume bottles

Life with Kaishon said...

You have the most beautiful family. I absolutely love your new glasses frames. They are fantastic! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture of you in them was WOW! What a score! : )

Mande said... I see the images on the right side and the B&B lip balm. Love Bath & Bodyworks lip balm. Please add that one to my list. :)