Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AWESOME photo shoot with the girl!

I had the BEST photo shoot with my little lady today! Here's a few from todays work...
She's such a funny little duck. I LOVE her to bits
The old stink eye, hah!
Oh my goodness, I can't believe it!
Hi mommy!

You're hilarious mom.

Sweetie pie!
And a Pixie Bonnet I've designed, and am working on different sizes! Pattern and Hat going to be for sale soon!

And all these pretty little things are for sale in THE SHOP!
And I'm having a giveaway! Win one of three choices of these headbands. GO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO ENTER!!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5th Birthday Bash

Today is my little big man's 5th Birthday! I just can't believe 5 years ago I gave birth to my first baby. It's unreal. 5 years is really not a long time, and yet it is.

We're having a 'Lego Batman/Superhero' birthday party. Like could we get more interesting and harder to plan/decorate than that!? I'll let you know how it goes. I'm still in discussion with myself over how I should do the cake. I was thinking of making two layer square cakes and icing them black and icing yellow windows all over like Gotham City, with batman figurines on top....OR doing a cake that says 'BLAM' or WHAP' on it...whatcha think? They're baking right I've got time for your ideas :)

Anyway, it's going to be a busy day! I'll post pics at the end of the day :)


Friday, March 18, 2011

Opinions Needed! POLL CLOSED!

I need help with something!

I'm going to be adding this hat(in the middle of the pic) to the shop for Spring/Summer. I need your help choosing ONLY 2 colors for the main body of the hat(flowers and other doodads will be in other colors not shown).
PLEASE HELP by letting me know in a comment what two colors you'd like to see!!
Poll will close tonite, and I'll tally the votes.

Thanks for your help!

and the color choices are...
*drumming drumming drumming*
coffee & leaf!

stay tuned to
for new hats :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prototype sale!

I have this BEAUTIFUL pixie hat that was a prototype I made, but am not using this as my final design for the shop. The hat is perfect, with no problems, but I want to do something a bit different for the shop, so I'm selling this one for cheap(er)!

I'm selling it for $22 plus an extra $4 for shipping. I also have it listed on my Melon & Pebble Facebook page, so go there to comment to get it!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today, I was stalked.

I don't mean blog stalked.
I mean real life stalking.

It was weird, it was crazy, it. was. scary.

We were in Superstore today(a HUGE Canadian grocery store) and I noticed this guy. A younger-ish guy, probably mid 30's. He was a little bit disheveled, and was holding a basket with a few odd and ends inside. I noticed him at the very beginning of our shop, and slowly began to notice him every.where.we.went. It was weird at first. I thought to myself, 'this guy must need all the same things we need!?' Then I thought I would perform 'the test'. You know the one where you go to a random crazy ilse, and talk real loud about how tough and strong our daddy is, and how he's waiting out in the car, and blah blah blah'. I thought for sure that would scare him off, and thus continued on with my shopping. I turned the corner of the toy aisle, only to find him at the end, casually browsing the section of dolls. At this point my heart dropped low and I knew this was more than the casual 'follow the girl around cause she's cute.' I mean I had three snotty kids hanging off me, some whining from time to time, I surely didn't consider myself 'cute' at that moment.

So we continue on, and by this time I think he's figured I'm on to him. So he begins to stealthily stalk. At this point it's gotten crazy, and I'm freaking and slightly sweating and planning my route of escape. I make Ross grab onto the end of the cart, and I zip in and out of isles catching what I need in the wind. I've never had this happen before, and my heart was racing. I was thinking of all the things I should/shouldn't do, checking down every isle to see where he's at. And sure enough he always 'popped' up somewhere. I was downright scared, and by now my head is pounding from the worry headache I've made for myself and I can barely see for my eyes watering. I know I'm writing this slightly in jest, and only because here I sit, safe and sound at home with my babies nestled deep in their sheets dreaming sweet dreams.

We get to the checkout line and I'm more than sure I'm going to see him waiting at the door or something, or if not at the door somewhere outside. My mind is racing over every possible scenario, and how I can go about getting groceries and children in the car. I quickly realize ' I'll ask for help for someone to take my groceries out'. So I ask the cashier and she says, 'oh no, we don't do that anymore.' Great. My heart sinks. Maybe I'll ask someone who is checking out as well to help me!? (It's getting later in the evening, so it is definitely getting dark outside). Finally I just figure I'm going to boot it out the door and rush to the van. There should be enough ppl in the parking lot to see me or to notice if something goes down. My mind was constantly jumping from conclusion to conclusion, and thinking of all things that could happen. It's really scary actually, knowing what 'could' happen.
Needless to say we race to the van, I throw the kids in, throw all the groceries in the back, and leave. All in under 1 min. I watch the rearview to watch for followers, get a few blocks away, realize there are none, and fly home.

*shudder* Glad I'm home. Husband isn't here, but doors are locked and kids are safe and snug in bed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cheap Room Makeover

Since having my kitchen featured on Love Stitched, I've really had the urge to boost my decor a bit! I love my house, don't get me wrong, but sometimes things need to change. And change is something you can do for FREE, and we always love free things right!?

Recently we had Cali's first birthday party- and of course she got a few new things! Toys, clothes and this:

We love it! But it just won't fit in her bedroom :(
So I reorganized our livingroom a bit, and added it there, with some foam lock together play mats I found at Walmart for SUPER CHEAP! (Less than $10)
Now the kids have their own play area in the livingroom.

So onto Cali's room. Why this all started!
Having to 'redo' her room to fit all her new goodies was a challenge. The room is small and has one tiny west facing window, which gets some good light during the day, but that's about it. It's a lovely little room with original hardwood. We painted it a nice neutral warm color, and added crown molding. It needs a bit of touch up paint work, and I'd love to add a splash of pink somewhere, but for now, its staying as is.

So in order to make it girly and perfect for Cali this is what I did!

I'll take you on a budget journey through the post!

These are Pom's I made from tissue paper!
Easy peasy and I can give a tutorial for anyone interested!
The flower vase decal is from Dollarama for $2! Seriously CUTE and cheap :)

This picture is taken from the window side of the room of her closet and bookshelf. I had to reorganize her bookshelf to fit her cute new Letter Blocks from Auntie! LOVE THEM(see top shelf )

A close up of the Letter Blocks, plus her 1st year Precious Moments Lamb(part of a series until they turn 12 I think!?)

This is her change table area- and the peacock decal is also from Dollarama $2!
The silk Gerber daisys are from our local dollar store- $3 for all.
The Cali Joy coat hanger was a gift at birth, and we FINALLY put it up! It's super cute :)
I also added a string of photos of her brothers and her- they are hanging from little colorful clothespins with chickens on them. Also from Dollarama $1.

This is her hand me down dresser, which for the time is going to stay as is. It's white(stays with the decor) and has red lining on the handles.
The lamp used to be Ross's lamp(from his nursery) and the Elephant clock is from Superstore( A Canadian grocery store) I LOVE IT! I have one in my kitchen of a chicken. Seriously, I think I have a clock fetish. I probably have at least 10 hanging on my walls throughout the house! haha!

These little shelves and mirrors were part of Evan's nursery decor, and I thought they were cute so they stayed :)
The white vases are from Ikea- just moved them in here for her nursery(I used to have them on my window sill in the kitchen.)
I got the felt flowers from Dollarama 5/$1.50

A close up of the coat hanger!
A closeup of the peacock decal, my silk gerbers, and the photo line!

I hope you enjoyed the tour through Cali's nursery/Big girl room! It was a cheap and easy fix that I'm quite happy with it! Definitely more girly than it was a week ago :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Came across this picture today and it made me miss summer....desperately.

Summer, where are you?!!??!?
I love me some winter weather, but even I am getting tired of the snow.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Wanna find out how you can win a $75 gift card to Melon & Pebble!??

Well here's how!

It's a photoshop challenge :)

I've got a photo of my sweet baby girl on her 1st Birthday, but it needs some serious help :( I'm challenging all your lovely photographers out there to help edit this pic to make her look as sweet and beautiful as she normally does!

I will send you the original file to your email address, you have to doctor it up, and email it back to me! I will post it back in the MELON & PEBBLE Photographers Contest album on facebook, and we'll have a vote! Once all the entries are in(Deadline is MARCH 6th 10 am MST) we'll have a vote! Everyone can vote for your picture(your edit!) by clicking LIKE on the photo! The photo with the most 'likes' is the winner!

Share this page to get more votes! Have your friends and family vote for your photo edit, get the word out!

The contest begins today and will end on March 11, 2011 (ONE WEEK!)


If you are wanting the original, please email I will send it as soon as I can!!!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back on the Scene...

with new JEWLLORI!

I know, it's been a looooooooooooooong time coming.
I wouldn't have taken this long of a break if it weren't for my Sweet Evan, and his mischievous ways. One day he went up to my desk, that was full of beads and assortments and grabbed a whole bunch of items I was working on and threw them in his mouth. My husband, who was dutifully (read)*half assed* watching said child, finally jumped to the rescue when he heard Evan crying.
Mommy runs to the crime scene, to find out what Evan had done, scolds Evan, and puts him in his crib- for a mini time out/scream session.
Evan keeps screaming, and mommy thinks ' I wonder if he swallowed said beads and assortments' so she goes to check his mouth. Nothing. At least not at the moment.
He keeps screaming, quite hysterically at this point, and mommy gets him out of his crib to console him. He quiets down with his soother in place, and proceeds to carry on with his day. Not soon after we were headed out the door on a mini getaway to family, and Evan starts wailing again and gnashing his teeth!
Mommy gets out of seat*(driving at this point) and goes to check on his mouth again. She spots it. Back near the molars, sticking straight into his gums. An earring post. Yup. He did get one in there.
We quickly veer off the highway, onto a back road, back into town where we hightail to the nearest hospital, where Evan gets said earring post removed. 45 min wait for a 2 sec. removal. Figures.
Moral of the story? Mommy realizes 'Jewllori' must take a break until Evan is older.
1 Year Later---- Evan is older, Jewllori is back in business!!!!

A few pretties I posted tonite!

Free shipping tonite and tomorrow- WORLDWIDE!
Spread the love, get some new jewels, and rock on!


My Kitchen

I recently came across this blog^^
and she was asking us bloggers out there to share pictures of our kitchens!
Now if you know me, I LOVE kitchens, love em.
When we first moved into our 50 year old farmhouse, I definitely had a love/hate relationship with it all. Especially the kitchen. It was dated, old, very retro looking, and just needed major updating. Now everything I wanted to do has not been done (1.5years later) but everything that needed to be done has been. I WANT to do so much more with it, but alas, that will come in time and as finances become available :)

But here are a few before pictures to show you what it was like.


GRIM- The colors were just not my taste at all. And denim ragging?
The dining room
More country ragged walls.
The retro kitchen.
Still have the tiles and countertops...for now.

Rustic, and needing help.


The new and improved!
And the once blue denim ragged wall, has now become a wall of peace. :)
The dining room in all its Glory.

A view from the hallway

My Awesome island from Ikea!
I seriously love this!

A view from the entry way. So open and full of light!

Thanks for the tour! I hope you enjoyed your visit :)