Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back on the Scene...

with new JEWLLORI!

I know, it's been a looooooooooooooong time coming.
I wouldn't have taken this long of a break if it weren't for my Sweet Evan, and his mischievous ways. One day he went up to my desk, that was full of beads and assortments and grabbed a whole bunch of items I was working on and threw them in his mouth. My husband, who was dutifully (read)*half assed* watching said child, finally jumped to the rescue when he heard Evan crying.
Mommy runs to the crime scene, to find out what Evan had done, scolds Evan, and puts him in his crib- for a mini time out/scream session.
Evan keeps screaming, and mommy thinks ' I wonder if he swallowed said beads and assortments' so she goes to check his mouth. Nothing. At least not at the moment.
He keeps screaming, quite hysterically at this point, and mommy gets him out of his crib to console him. He quiets down with his soother in place, and proceeds to carry on with his day. Not soon after we were headed out the door on a mini getaway to family, and Evan starts wailing again and gnashing his teeth!
Mommy gets out of seat*(driving at this point) and goes to check on his mouth again. She spots it. Back near the molars, sticking straight into his gums. An earring post. Yup. He did get one in there.
We quickly veer off the highway, onto a back road, back into town where we hightail to the nearest hospital, where Evan gets said earring post removed. 45 min wait for a 2 sec. removal. Figures.
Moral of the story? Mommy realizes 'Jewllori' must take a break until Evan is older.
1 Year Later---- Evan is older, Jewllori is back in business!!!!

A few pretties I posted tonite!

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Spread the love, get some new jewels, and rock on!



Caitlin said...

snicker! Oh, Evan. :) He always looks so sweet and innocent.

Rachel B. said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I literally stopped and gasped and said, "NONONONONO!" while reading that story, and my husband made me go back to the beginning and read it out loud again so he could find out what was so shocking. Poor little guy :-( Your jewelry is great! I love it!