Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cheap Room Makeover

Since having my kitchen featured on Love Stitched, I've really had the urge to boost my decor a bit! I love my house, don't get me wrong, but sometimes things need to change. And change is something you can do for FREE, and we always love free things right!?

Recently we had Cali's first birthday party- and of course she got a few new things! Toys, clothes and this:

We love it! But it just won't fit in her bedroom :(
So I reorganized our livingroom a bit, and added it there, with some foam lock together play mats I found at Walmart for SUPER CHEAP! (Less than $10)
Now the kids have their own play area in the livingroom.

So onto Cali's room. Why this all started!
Having to 'redo' her room to fit all her new goodies was a challenge. The room is small and has one tiny west facing window, which gets some good light during the day, but that's about it. It's a lovely little room with original hardwood. We painted it a nice neutral warm color, and added crown molding. It needs a bit of touch up paint work, and I'd love to add a splash of pink somewhere, but for now, its staying as is.

So in order to make it girly and perfect for Cali this is what I did!

I'll take you on a budget journey through the post!

These are Pom's I made from tissue paper!
Easy peasy and I can give a tutorial for anyone interested!
The flower vase decal is from Dollarama for $2! Seriously CUTE and cheap :)

This picture is taken from the window side of the room of her closet and bookshelf. I had to reorganize her bookshelf to fit her cute new Letter Blocks from Auntie! LOVE THEM(see top shelf )

A close up of the Letter Blocks, plus her 1st year Precious Moments Lamb(part of a series until they turn 12 I think!?)

This is her change table area- and the peacock decal is also from Dollarama $2!
The silk Gerber daisys are from our local dollar store- $3 for all.
The Cali Joy coat hanger was a gift at birth, and we FINALLY put it up! It's super cute :)
I also added a string of photos of her brothers and her- they are hanging from little colorful clothespins with chickens on them. Also from Dollarama $1.

This is her hand me down dresser, which for the time is going to stay as is. It's white(stays with the decor) and has red lining on the handles.
The lamp used to be Ross's lamp(from his nursery) and the Elephant clock is from Superstore( A Canadian grocery store) I LOVE IT! I have one in my kitchen of a chicken. Seriously, I think I have a clock fetish. I probably have at least 10 hanging on my walls throughout the house! haha!

These little shelves and mirrors were part of Evan's nursery decor, and I thought they were cute so they stayed :)
The white vases are from Ikea- just moved them in here for her nursery(I used to have them on my window sill in the kitchen.)
I got the felt flowers from Dollarama 5/$1.50

A close up of the coat hanger!
A closeup of the peacock decal, my silk gerbers, and the photo line!

I hope you enjoyed the tour through Cali's nursery/Big girl room! It was a cheap and easy fix that I'm quite happy with it! Definitely more girly than it was a week ago :)



Rachel B. said...

Super cute! I especially love the photos tacked onto the walls. You did a great job!

Andrea Neudorf said...

I have the same white shelves for Kaela but haven't hung them up yet. I think i will do that soon:) I would love if you did a tutorial for the tissue pom poms!

Mandi said...

I LOVE her room!! It's so light and cheerful! I would love to hang out in there!!! You do great work my dear :D I think it's time for you to come back and decorate my house ;)

the girl said...

Thanks Rachel!!

Andrea, absolutely, I'll get on that right quick :)

MANDI- what the what!? You SO got the skillz girl! You know what you're doing, but hey I'm not gonna be asked twice, I'm there if it's to see you again!

Cecilie said...

This is the most beautiful girly room which I've ever seen in my life. I love it!*.*
Congratulation from Hungary