Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Kitchen

I recently came across this blog^^
and she was asking us bloggers out there to share pictures of our kitchens!
Now if you know me, I LOVE kitchens, love em.
When we first moved into our 50 year old farmhouse, I definitely had a love/hate relationship with it all. Especially the kitchen. It was dated, old, very retro looking, and just needed major updating. Now everything I wanted to do has not been done (1.5years later) but everything that needed to be done has been. I WANT to do so much more with it, but alas, that will come in time and as finances become available :)

But here are a few before pictures to show you what it was like.


GRIM- The colors were just not my taste at all. And denim ragging?
The dining room
More country ragged walls.
The retro kitchen.
Still have the tiles and countertops...for now.

Rustic, and needing help.


The new and improved!
And the once blue denim ragged wall, has now become a wall of peace. :)
The dining room in all its Glory.

A view from the hallway

My Awesome island from Ikea!
I seriously love this!

A view from the entry way. So open and full of light!

Thanks for the tour! I hope you enjoyed your visit :)


angie said...

it looks great! your cabinets are super cute!

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

well obviously we have similar style, blue walls, eat sign, and the perfect ikea island :) lol

I love what you did with the kitchen....denim!!!

I love it even more that you clicked a picture of YOU in your kitchen now I really feel like I was sitting in there enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting with you :)

thanks so much for linking up! you did an amazing job with your kitchen!!

Andrea Neudorf said...

Wow it looks great! I love how airy AND FULL OF SUNLIGHT IT IS:)Very nice!

AbuelaƱita~ aka Sherry said...

Very retro/shabby chic ~ Very cute and inspiring, good job with what you had to work with !!!! Very clean as well as homey...Enjoy~

Six Feet Under Blog said...

I love that kitchen! I hope to some day have a kitchen that can fit an island in it. ;)

House Revivals said...

LOVE you kitchen make-over! And so glad you kept those amazing cabinets! And those ragged denim walls.... so glad you let them go :)
I like you walls of peace much better.

Jessie K said...

I followed you from Love Stitched. Wow! That's gorgeous! And I love your island from Ikea, too!

Dixie Mom said...

So bright and cheery!
Stopped by from love stitched...

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Very nicely done! I am a sucker for painted cabinets and yours look great!

the cape on the corner said...

i love that island-i swear i could make it work in my kitchen, lol. love the two toned cabinets-how creative. it really is lighter and brighter-good for you. we have yet to tackle our kitchen yet, boo hoo!