Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today, I was stalked.

I don't mean blog stalked.
I mean real life stalking.

It was weird, it was crazy, it. was. scary.

We were in Superstore today(a HUGE Canadian grocery store) and I noticed this guy. A younger-ish guy, probably mid 30's. He was a little bit disheveled, and was holding a basket with a few odd and ends inside. I noticed him at the very beginning of our shop, and slowly began to notice him every.where.we.went. It was weird at first. I thought to myself, 'this guy must need all the same things we need!?' Then I thought I would perform 'the test'. You know the one where you go to a random crazy ilse, and talk real loud about how tough and strong our daddy is, and how he's waiting out in the car, and blah blah blah'. I thought for sure that would scare him off, and thus continued on with my shopping. I turned the corner of the toy aisle, only to find him at the end, casually browsing the section of dolls. At this point my heart dropped low and I knew this was more than the casual 'follow the girl around cause she's cute.' I mean I had three snotty kids hanging off me, some whining from time to time, I surely didn't consider myself 'cute' at that moment.

So we continue on, and by this time I think he's figured I'm on to him. So he begins to stealthily stalk. At this point it's gotten crazy, and I'm freaking and slightly sweating and planning my route of escape. I make Ross grab onto the end of the cart, and I zip in and out of isles catching what I need in the wind. I've never had this happen before, and my heart was racing. I was thinking of all the things I should/shouldn't do, checking down every isle to see where he's at. And sure enough he always 'popped' up somewhere. I was downright scared, and by now my head is pounding from the worry headache I've made for myself and I can barely see for my eyes watering. I know I'm writing this slightly in jest, and only because here I sit, safe and sound at home with my babies nestled deep in their sheets dreaming sweet dreams.

We get to the checkout line and I'm more than sure I'm going to see him waiting at the door or something, or if not at the door somewhere outside. My mind is racing over every possible scenario, and how I can go about getting groceries and children in the car. I quickly realize ' I'll ask for help for someone to take my groceries out'. So I ask the cashier and she says, 'oh no, we don't do that anymore.' Great. My heart sinks. Maybe I'll ask someone who is checking out as well to help me!? (It's getting later in the evening, so it is definitely getting dark outside). Finally I just figure I'm going to boot it out the door and rush to the van. There should be enough ppl in the parking lot to see me or to notice if something goes down. My mind was constantly jumping from conclusion to conclusion, and thinking of all things that could happen. It's really scary actually, knowing what 'could' happen.
Needless to say we race to the van, I throw the kids in, throw all the groceries in the back, and leave. All in under 1 min. I watch the rearview to watch for followers, get a few blocks away, realize there are none, and fly home.

*shudder* Glad I'm home. Husband isn't here, but doors are locked and kids are safe and snug in bed.


Rachel said...

That is VERY creepy! I would have been freaking out, too . . . you just never know about people. I used to have to walk home from campus after dark and was always SO nervous, so my husband bought me pepper spray . . . never used it, but I like knowing I have it!

the girl said...

I totally need pepper spray now. Totally smart.

Andrea Neudorf said...

agh! Freaky! tHAT would scare me soo baad! Glad your safe now:)

Jessye said...

so creepy. I probably would have told a manager or something and made them grab him or walk me to my car!

Allison said...

Yikes! I can just picture you throwing everything in the car in under one minute! Hate that feeling of being followed!

Caitlin said...

Oh, creepy! Glad you all are safe!!! Also, cute new background. :)

All In The Family said...

Wow oh wow! That is scary, especially with the kiddos!! Glad you are ok and safe and sound!