Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MUM's the word!

Hi there.

I'm Lori.

You probably don't remember me because, well I dropped off the face of the planet, and somehow managed to find my way back. Phew. that was a journey and a half.

Well let's see now, what's new?
We might do this in point form, because my English and spelling are serious lacking these days, I think they walked out the day I signed up for French class :) Kidding! ;)

Anyway, here's what's new!
- My kids are fantastic, crazy, and adorable all in one.
- Cali is a smart smart cookie, who never ceases to amaze me day in and day out. Her latest new feat? Barking like the dog :) haha! She freakin loves our dog!? Who knew?
-Evan is the cutest little lovebug around. Seriously stinking cute. That kid can get away with bug murder, he's just too cute for me to stop him!
- Ross makes me proud every single day. There are times I think, 'Am I doing this parenting gig right with this guy'? but he is a real sweetie pie. He just gets it. and he does it when I'm not looking, and that makes me even more proud of him when I hear it from others :)
- My life is a mess, a big yucky mess, but I'm holding on. I know things will clear up and get better, but until then, can you say a prayer or two for me? I really really really really need them. All.
-Wayne is a busy guy, just became vice prez of our local soccer club. Keeps him going almost every night of the week. Good for him. He loves that.
-I am back on the bike. I added an extra seat on the back of my bike to take Evan, and Ross and Cali fit in our tailer behind. I am going to start biking rather than driving as much as I can.
-Hopefully going to loose 20 lbs. We'll see about that one.
-Laughing laughing laughing at my friend Rachel over at Maybe Matilda. Oh my word she's funny! You have to read some of her blog posts. Everyone is a gem!
-Got my seeds, my gardens rototilled, jsut waiting for the wind to stop howling(like seriously it's been almost two weeks!?!?!) then we'll garden!
-Getting laying hens in June! So stoked to have our own fresh eggs :) Thinking about a cow too! haha! Right....I can't stand unpasterized milk.

and that's about it!
Thanks for keeping up with this almost non exsistent blog! I hope to surprise you every now and again with a post! YAY!