Thursday, September 15, 2011

Me, adopted. I adopt.

Did you know I was adopted? Yup I never was in 'the system' (in foster care) but I was placed miraculously in a foster home by GOD one random evening at 2 in the morning while hitchhiking with my birth mom. It sounds kooky and a bit nuts, but it WAS a miracle that cold chilly August morning, and I will never forget it.

One day I will go into all the details but for now just know that by the Grace of God I serve and love Him with my whole heart. I was raised Catholic going to church on Sundays and spending the rest of the week nursing my alcohol induced sick mother back to health. One day I 'paid' the taxi driver that took us home with a pair of her fancy white leather cowboy boots. I was all of about 7. He said no thank you and that he would call me the next day for payment. No lie. Thank you Jesus, that today I stand fully living for God and not a scratch from my past on me.

So all this to say I want to adopt. I say I because this is something I need to figure out with myself and God before I go spewing all over Wayne :) I have pretty deep emotions, and sometimes they can 'fool' me if you know what I mean, so basically I need to DEEPLY pray and fast and whatever it takes to get God's emotions, not my own. Can you say a prayer for me?! We are doing respite care right now for a five year old girl, and while I have my reservations based on where she's come from and her 'history' I know in my heart I want to adopt her, or someone like her. It's so sad knowing these little ones have lacked all the love and attention/affection that my three dear ones have always had. It breaks my heart because I know it breaks His heart, so can you pray I can get his heart specifically for adoption?! I have history there, so I need to know what's right.

I love Jesus.
'But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.' Romans 5:8