Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm writing!? WHOA!

What is going on! I'm writing a new blog post!? It's really Christmas in July :) hahah! Kidding friends, kidding.

I don't even know what I want to write about, except that we are alive?! We're here! We just enjoyed a week of camp, and are spending a couple days at home to catch up on work and laundry, and then off again! Love spending camp days with my little family. It's so much fun watching them on adventure :)

I am keeping up with my garden, and have already got so much from it, I love it. Gardening does NOT come naturally to me, but I do what I can and am always pleased with the results :) Love me some fresh veggies!

I'm jumping on the excerise bandwagon, again! I wasn't able to continue with my regime because of my knees and back, but lately things have seemed to be getting better! I had a doctor appt the other week, and got an xray, and am also going for bloodwork. Hopefully they'll find out what my issues are, and help me get better.

ANYWAY, this was probably the most boring blog post ever, but hey, I need to get  back into the swing of this thing! Enjoy a couple pictures of my darlings!